What I didn't Know About Paddington Bear

We went to see the movie Paddington. 2015-01-17 17.22.45

It was brilliant! I was laughing the whole time, it's so cute. Plus it shows all over London, so how can it go wrong?

Much more than that though, during the movie, one scene in particular, I realized Mr. Paddington Bear was an expat! I never thought of it this way, and I don't want to give anything away, but through out the movie he went  through the "Crosscultural Adjustment Stages" (some people say 4, some say 5, I say 6).

6 Stages of culture Shock

1) Anxiety

When you are already set to go, all of these emotions are going through you, anxiety, excitement, nervousness, doubts... All at once, and there is no turning back, that's it!

2) Honeymoon

You arrive at the place, everything is new, everything is amazing, everything is just how it's supposed to be.

3) Disappointment

When you realize that things aren't as you expected. You think people are rude, or the city is dirty, or you can't learn the language as easy. You feel like you made the wrong decision.

4) Adaptation

You start to feel better as you get into a routine and life gets back to normal, somehow.

5) Isolation

Everything sucks, you want to go home, you miss your friends, your family... Nothing is like it is back home and you don't like it.

6) Acceptance

You finally feel like you belong here. You are enjoying the whole experience and life is good again.

I really tried to find out who came up with these and the original names and all, but I couldn't find. I just found loads of sites all calling it something different, so if someone knows who first came up with these stages, let me know in the comment box.

Have you seen the movie? What did you think?

6 Stages