"What are You Doing for Others?"

Martin Luther King asked that question. "What are you doing to help others?" I believe that when a community starts helping each other, this community prospers. I wasn't brought up in a country where people are looking out for each other, it's quite the opposite, but I am proud to have been naturalized in another country where this is big. The sense of helping out your next door neighbor, feeding the homeless, or cleaning up the streets around your kids' school is everywhere and it's really satisfying. Since I've lived in the US, I've helped in soup kitchens, I've done clean up efforts, I've painted schools, I've donated money and time to help. Am I the greatest person ever born by doing this? NO, but I enjoy it and I believe each person can do something to make the world (your neighborhood, your city, your country, your school) a better place.2015-01-19 11.28.48

Dr. King dreamed of a world where we would look past skin color, sexual gender (or orientation), religion, nationalities. Today I thought about it, I was in a gas station and in front of me there was a gentleman wearing a kippah (Jewish head covering), to my right and left there were some Asian people, a little further down there was a blond woman and everyone was minding their own business, as it should be.

Are we living in a perfect world? Recent events proves that obviously not. Will we ever be? As long as we want to prove ourselves better than the other, obviously not. But little by little, day by day, we can do better, we can always do better.

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