Humid? Tropical? Dry?

wild winters Everywhere in the world has it's own climate. Most places I've lived were humid, Myrtle Beach was hell in the summer, seriously, I used to work in a hotel and had to wear a certain uniform everyday, as soon as I left the house, the uniform would stick to my body (mind you, the material was pure cotton... not!). And this was living literally across from the beach. DC is also very bad.

London, everyone knows rains a lot, in fairness it doesn't rain all the time like everyone says, what is a killer in London is the wind. It is so, so cold! The wind cuts through your face and freezes your ear. Even when the sun is out in the winter, it has no heat to it. Everyone is happy that the sun is out, but it's not warming summer

In Phoenix, it's the opposite. Arizona has a very dry climate. Your skin will feel like it is peeling off, it feels horrible. I have my stash of Carmex lip balm in the car, in all my bags, on my nightstand, it's the best one for me and the best part is, that it's cheap! You can even find it at the dollar store sometimes, I just buy in bulk :-) Another product I use a lot is the Vaseline advance repair, it really helps my super dry, scaly, "deserty" skin. Hum, I think I just made up this word... I do that from time to time.

Itchy skin healed IMG_0477

My point is, be prepared for whatever the world brings you, chances are, the climate will be different from what you are used.