A Letter to Worldwide Airlines

Dear airlines, About a decade ago, fuel prices were sky rocketing and you complained that people weren't flying, that you had to raise ticket prices exclusively because of the hike of oil prices. Here are 3 articles, one in 2004, where the Continental chairman blamed just that for their lack in profitability.  In 2006, your reason for charging passengers for ALL the extras was OBVIOUSLY the high fuel prices and another article on Time  from 2012.

I appreciate you have a business to run, but you take advantage of your passengers no matter what the economic situation is. Passengers are tired of it, I am tired of it. Unfortunately my voice is small, you will never do anything about it because of your greed and because passengers are your captive audience and you love it.

For years I have seen prices increasing as rapid as the speed of light and services, food and seat space diminish. You have offered nothing in return for all the increase in ticket prices.

Unfortunately the truth is that you don't care. You never have and never will.

Kind Regards,

An unhappy passenger.