This is Why I can't Wait to Read this Book

Being an expat, then going back home might be harder than expected. A lot of people love being back home, but a lot of people do not adjust well to life in their home country. I'm excited to read this book: Sefi Atta writes about a Nigerian expat who does exactly that, she moves back home for work. Nothing turns out as expected, which seems like it's a very real thing for expats.

2015-01-12 19.02.11

When we moved to England, my husband hadn't been living there for 20 years. We first didn't go to London (where he is originally from), we went to the Midlands. I tell you, the culture shock was worst for him than for me.

I had never lived in England, for me everything was new, I was on exploring mode, trying to find my way, I was also on maternity leave, so I was with my daughter at home, with time to get out of the house and do things. While he had to work, then got laid off and after moving to London, he couldn't find work for 2 years.

Needless to say, it was not what he'd dreamed of.

The same thing happened to my brother, who lived for 10+ years in Spain, then, one day, he couldn't stand it anymore, went back to Brazil and almost instant regret. In the beginning is all new, friends, family, food, all amazing, until reality sets in. Everybody has moved on, they have their own families and friends. You are there everyday, so you become part of the furniture, sort of speak.

In saying all that, I know people who have moved back to wherever they are from and they love being back home! That's the best place for them and they wouldn't change a thing.

The same way that moving away from home can be gratifying to some more than others, moving back home can be just as stressing, so one should think hard before doing so.