We Are One

Stereotypes suck! I can't stand stereotypes, I get really, really annoyed when I hear them. Usually stereotypes are used by people who have never been to a certain country or never met anyone from such culture/race, or just don't know better.

I feel very fortunate in my life. I say this not because I'm a millionaire or have unlimited amounts of money to spend, I've been luck enough to have lived in places where I've met loads of different people from all over the globe, to name a few: Dubai, Australia,

Heard Museum, a great place to learn about the diverse Native American culture.

China, Canada, Poland, India, Lebanon, Indonesia, Norway, Ireland, Peru, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Portugal, the Seychelles, and many, many other places that I could only have dreamed of if I had never ventured outside of my bubble.

It's easy to use stereotypes, I am from Brazil and believe me, I hear them all the time! I mean it, all the time... it gets so old, I just look at the person, smile and walk away most of the time, I have no energy to give a response.

My opinion (which has always been my opinion) is this. The human race is one. There are pretty people, ugly people (which by the way, ugly for me might be gorgeous for you),  bad people, good people, smart/dumb, tall/short, fat/skinny EVERYWHERE in the world. Seriously!

So, I don't get why there are labels, such as, all English are rude, all Brazilians wear tiny bikinis (no, this is not the worst one I've heard), all Irish are drunks, all Americans are dumb, all French are snobbish and so on.

If I had lived all my life in Brazil I would be careful not to have relations with people who do not think the same way I do and this is how I lead my life outside of Brazil as well. We don't match, then nice to meet you, let's move on. I don't have to be your friend just because we are from the same country or the same town, what matter to me is how you are on the inside, if you respect others and of course, if you make me laugh, I like having a good laugh and if you are grumpy, then we might just part ways :-)

Remember to get to know people, you might just be surprised!