Things I've Learned: Start Packing Early (if you can)

Time is a luxury! Computers and technology arrived in this world to give us time, but we are so busy working, preparing dinner, taking care of kids, and of course, on social media that we are busy, busy, busy, we don't have time for anything anymore.

By the time it's 6:30 I want to lay on the sofa and do F... all, by the time my 7-yr old is in bed (at 8:00 pm), I AM on the sofa doing just that.

Then, all of a sudden we think it's a great idea to move, not only homes, but countries? Great, what now!

On our move from No. Virginia to the Midlands (England) we had about a week 1/2 to get organized and move, but this is not all, my husband had the brilliant idea to stop smoking (you know what they say, new country, new life) and I had a 3-month old who wouldn't stop crying 24/7. Ah and of course, our cat had to get loads of vaccinations, my husband had to drive to Richmond, VA to get the docs correctly.

Oh yes, it was a breeze... not!

We were lucky that it was a company transfer, I will be forever grateful for that, otherwise I don't know what I would have done. They did all the packing for us. The moving company came over, walked around, gave us an idea on how long it would take for the packing, the movers came, packed everything in 2 days (a 4-bedroom - 2 story home) and we were off. In the midst of chaos, we got the first property management company we saw to manage our (now) rental home and due to Brazilian bureaucracy I was unable to register my daughter as a Brazilian citizen (I'm still debating if it was for better or worse, 7 yrs later).

Like I said, sometimes you plan and you are lucky enough to have time to start early, then you should.

  • Declutter
  • Pack essentials
  • If possible, store non-essentials
  • Honestly, your 2 yr old is not going to remember all of his toys, so just pack the ones that are most important to him/her, the rest can come with the move afterwards.

Have fun and pack away.