Things I've Learned: Perfection is a Myth

Sometimes I am on Instagram, on different blogs or on Pinterest, oh goodness Pinterest! And I wonder why everyone needs to pretend they are so perfect all the time. Life is not bloody perfect. But that's how we show ourselves, as having the best life and the best of everything. Seriously, I've tried doing a few of the things I see on Pinterest and failed miserably. My house is always a mess (unless I'm taking a picture to post on social media, of course), I have days when I don't want to speak to anyone (today being one of them) and I'm an ok mum, wife and person.

Sometimes I look like that and that's ok!

If we know we are not perfect ourselves, why do we believe the person next door is? Why do we think people on Instagram are happier than we are? Our brain does that to us. Our brain believes what it sees, it's crazy, crazy, crazy.

Just because I live in a different country, it doesn't mean that I'm happier, it just means I do the best that I can everyday. Sometimes it works in my favor, sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't I get really mad or upset, like I am today. Would it be the same if I was in my home country and had never left? Absolutely.

Being an expat doesn't mean your problems go away, you have the same life problems wherever you are in this world of ours. Sometimes you might have a bit more problems, like language barriers, family and friends are far away, you live somewhere you didn't really want to, or your kids and spouse had to stay behind until you come back. And sometimes not.

Yesterday I had a brilliant day, today not so much. It's life and tomorrow has to be better. Are you perfect? Are you always happy and looking gorgeous? I don't think so! Stop pretending.

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