Things I've Learned: Arizona has no Daylight Savings Time

vector black clocks icons in the gray squares - stock vectorEverywhere I've lived in the Spring and Autumn the clocks go forwards or backwards. I remember being a kid and trying to understand what time I had to change my alarm clock to. It was really confusing! Funny to think about it now. Anyways, in AZ (if you don't live in the Navajo County) there is no messing about. You don't need to change the clocks ever!

Vector clock icons set - stock vector

In the US, currently, there are 4 standard time zones:

clock icons over beige background. vector illustration - stock vector

All the time zones mentioned above are set during the winter and summer only, like I said before, Arizona is the only state in the US that does not change the time ever.

If you are moving to the USA, just think about the Greenwich Median Time, to know when to call home. Believe me, I've called my parents (and friends) at odd hours many times over.

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