Last Minute Gift Ideas for a soon to be Expat

My thoughts are... a gift for someone who is moving should be thoughtful, useful and light. They already have too much going on, so less is more. Going away gifts


  1. A travel diary.
  2. A travel wallet.
  3. A nice passport cover.
  4. A playlist with their favorite songs.
  5. A scarf, if they are going somewhere cold.
  6. A travel tie case.
  7. A care pack with their favorite local things (you could mail it to them).
  8. An adapter. Something you can never have enough.

A couple of other ideas are:

  • Mail to their future place a DVD with local TV shows. I tell you, even the worst of the programs are missed when you are away. I remember when I lived in DC, I had a chance to subscribe to the main Brazilian TV channel, after years of living abroad, I loved having this channel. It was great, I don't know why, but I didn't realized I missed it until I had it, I watched it all the time, even the crappiest of the shows, too funny when I think back.
  • Make some videos of all your friends (family) together, write him/her some letters for them to open when they are away, or feeling blue.

There is still time to get some presents before Christmas!