It's Raining, It's Pouring...

... The old man is snoring... Actually the young (ish) woman will be snoring (sleeping quietly) soon. I'm in bed. My lovely husband spread his cold germs to me and I want them gone!

Since we moved to AZ 2 1/2yrs ago, we've never had so much rain, I even used to joke that it rained on 4th of July (seriously, around the 1st week of July we always get rain) and maybe another day of the year, but 2014 has seen a lot of rain. Much more than the usual.

Funny enough, when we went to England this past March, I took my wellies and left them at my father in law's flat. I wouldn't need them in AZ, as it never rained... yep, Murphy has a way of always coming around, but that's alright since we tend to use the car a lot, and by a lot I mean all the time!

Rain moving around the valley

Sand Storm is part of Monsoon

Monsoon rain in September

Fun stuff

The sky clearing up

Wet, wet, wet

The plants are grateful