How to Find a Primary School in London – Part 2

So, continuing from here. Once you've discussed with neighbors, visited schools and your kid is at the right age, you should head on here to apply (a little prayer and fingers crossed help as well). Usually you can pick up to 4 schools, but in London you can pick up to 6 (fierce competition I tell you) and please, don't think that even if you are sure that you are getting in a certain school you shouldn't apply for any other school, you can choose up to 6, so go for it! It doesn't hurt. If you apply for one school and your child doesn't get in, you are going to have a much harder time trying to get her/him into another school after the deadline has passed.


  1. Register online
  2. Fill in your child's information
  3. Choose your schools (ALL 4 or 6)
  4. Attach any document you might need,such as, baptism certificate, letters to school (remember on my previous post?), birth certificate

And... guess what! I found out that there is an app for that now! Android or Apple

Don't let me fool you, the whole application process seems very easy and it really is painless, really, really easy... but the wait!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh the wait kills you! I was so nervous, like I if I was waiting for a call from a job interview. That's where Victoria got her first rejection letters :p I don't have them anymore, but I remember as if it was yesterday... and one fine day you get the other letter, the acceptance one and all is forgotten about, she still got into one of our top 3 choices (fine the 3rd choice, but it wasn't the 6th!).

To make it easier:

Application Tutorial

Below are some links you might find useful as well:

School term dates

School closures in case of emergency

Types of school (my daughter was studying in a very good Catholic school)

And hopefully this little guide will get your kid into the UK school of your preference.