Arizona is Running Short

It's no secret that the recession on the mid 2000's was hard in the whole country, some states got hit worse than others. Jobs were lost, kids out of college couldn't find work and companies were not hiring experienced workers either. Now that the economy is recuperating, construction companies are building like crazy, but they can't find qualified workers. Construction workers are needed in Arizona right now.

Picture by: Pedro Moura Pinheiro

This past August we were in the introductory school assembly and the principal mentioned that she had to join 3 5th grades into 2 because she couldn't find a qualified teacher for the other class. There are no qualified teachers in AZ!!! Are you a teacher? Do you need a job? AZ might be the place for you.

Picture by: Todd Petrie

In my time here I've met a few nurses and they all mention the same thing... there is an urgent need for registered nurses. Schools are full, but when it comes to the training, it's so stressful that they quit. I can imagine how stressful it must be to be a nurse. I couldn't do it.

Picture by: xersti

There is a demand for all of these 3 careers in Arizona, I am hoping people will be moving here to fill the empty spots, more work means a better economy. It works out for everyone.