10 Things I Like About Living in Arizona

1. We are always surrounded by amazing mountains.P1050165 P1050166 P10501672. We get to bbq in DecemberP10502083. Western townsP1050394 P1050412 P10504264. Blue skies pretty much all year long. Clouds, rain, low temps are seldom.P10501635. Margaritas,I mean, Mexican food.P10501736. HikesP10503517. Learning about the Native American different cultures.20140613_113508 20140613_113513 20140613_114141 8. Pool parties and swimming lessons in the park

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9. Wearing short sleeves and shorts at halloween

2014-10-31 18.29.4910. California, Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon are just a short drive away2014-10-06 11.34.19 2014-10-06 11.50.37

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