Missing Friends & Family, a (not so) Normal Feeling

Tonight my daughter is missing a friend. Missing like she will never see her again. There were tears and tears and more tears of how much she loves her friend and how much she misses her. She is 7. This friend studied with her when we first moved to Phoenix, then my daughter moved schools and now the family moved a bit further out. Although we kept in touch, and they still play together sometimes, it's not often enough for the 2 of them though. My heart broke.

It's not easy to see your child cry like that and nothing you say seems to help. The sad thing is, it is the first, but it won't be the last. This is how life works, people come and go out of our lives all the time, some you are thankful they are gone, but some, you wish you could be together forever.

When you are an expat, it seems to happen a lot, not only missing family and friends from back home, but it seems like everyone you meet is on the way somewhere else, especially in places like DC, LA or London where everyone is from everywhere. Funny, I don't feel it so much here in Phoenix.

Does it get easier? Yes

Do you stop missing people? No

You just learn to cope with it better.

My parents who I probably miss the most.