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Founder and author of TheXpat Channel, a place where you'll find the best information about getting organized for your international move.

I Believe that...

... moving should be exciting!

Is is stressful? Yes, but it shouldn't be yet another chore. We should be able to have everything organized so that we can enjoy all of these moments. Even within the chaos.

This site is for you. For you, who love to experience new cultures, smells, and flavors. For you who are starting a new adventure and need to digitalize and organize your home and your papers. For you, who have butterflies in your stomach and is scared of what's about to come, but excited at the same time about the prospect of experiencing totally new things.

Writing with intention...

Everything on this blog has the intention to help. To be as honest and blunt as possible in order for you to know what to look for and what to expect when moving abroad. The only way to be less stressed out when you move is to keep everything organized. On this website you probably won't find many (if any) staged photos, all pink and gold and perfect. This is not me. I like to keep it real because I'll leave the fairy tales to Walt Disney and the Grimm brothers. They did it best. My life, just like yours is real and with that, nothing is perfect. With that, read on to find out a little more about me...

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You're in the right place if...

  • You're planning an international move.
  • You like to keep it real.
  • You are a spouse wondering how you're going to get through it.
  • You want to organize and digitize your move.

A little bit about me

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On 23 April 2018 I almost died. No, this is not a joke or a made up story for you to feel sorry for me. On the contrary. 

I almost died due to a post-surgery trombosis, which led to a pulmonary embolism on both of my lungs, which could have killed me have I not gone to the hospital due to a horrifying pain.

All of that happened in front of my 11-year old daughter and my husband.  

I was doing well, recovering from my surgery and everything could have been over, just like that..

If that blood clot had gone to my heart, in a second I'd have been dead. If that blood clot had gone to my brain, I could have died. Just like that, in the blink of an eye, my daughter'dd have been motherless. My husband'd have been a widow and for me... well, for me, it'd all have been over. Darkness in an instant. The phone, the computer, the instagram profiles, the car, the house, all meaningless. 

While Recovering...

... I've had a lot to think about.  And I came up with a few conclusions about how I want my life to be:

  • I don't like and I don't want clutter.
  • From now on, I want my house to be my sanctuary and a place where I feel good about inviting friends over and living in. Believe me, it's not been this way since we've moved to Germany. My house's been a hot mess and for multiple reasons I've had no interest in making of this house a home.
  • I want to reduce the amount of products that test in animals and the amount of chemicals consumed by us as a family.
  • I want to be paper free as much as possible.
  • And I want to enjoy my family and friends, while enjoying life.

My Expat Story Started when...

... At 15 I went to live in Toronto, Canada to learn English and every single moment of it was a learning experience. I did learn a lot about people, about how to handle myself on my own in a different country, different language, different culture at such a young age.

I didn't know that this would the beginning of my long term travels, but it was. 27 years later, I am still traveling and moving about, now more than ever.

My mum always said that she "raised us for the world". Meaning, we were their kids, but we weren't their property. We needed to go out and explore life as much as possible, we did just that and I hope my daughter follows my path.

11 random facts about Me:

  1. I'm not crafty and every time I have to do anything crafty I get stressed out, like, really stressed out. My pinterest projects have all failed royally.
  2. Once I had dinner for a select number of people, which included President H. W. Bush Senior, his wife, Barbara Bush, Prince Rainier of Monaco and his son Prince Albert II of Monaco. It was a very surreal experience that probably wouldn't have happened if I wasn't already living abroad and hadn't been invited to attend this event.
  3. My first car was an old dodge neon that I paid $1000 for. The door didn't lock and the radiator had a hole in it and whenever I traveled, it would heat and smoke would come out, so I'd have to stop every so often and fill it with water. It always took me 3 times as long to get anywhere.
  4. My favorite band is U2, I know, very cliche, but who cares? I've loved them since I was about 10, I could never go to a concert because they'd never be touring in the same town I was living in, until 2001. Since then I've been to every tour. I've seen then in London (x3), Phoenix (x2), DC (x3) & Pittsburgh.
  5. I'm not a cat person, but we have a cat and I like him, shhhh, don't tell my husband that... 
  6. I love winter sports, but I'm really bad at them. I'm bad at all sports, actually, but I wish I was good at them.
  7. In 2017 I've crossed the highest suspension bridge in the world (picture above) in Austria.
  8. I prefer odd numbers to even. Yeap, I never said I was normal.
  9. I like English sarcasm, but I don't like rude people. Yes, there's a difference. Sarcasm is funny, being rude to others is not.
  10. I'm one of the few people in this world who doesn't like Apple products and the company.
  11. I don't mind the cold, I actually enjoy it, but the sun must be out. The grey and darkness are depressing to me.

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